An active community that cheers each other on

Dubai Sports City is a mix of residential and commercial offerings, retail and sports facilities. It creates a supportive community that celebrates every success, whether it’s on or off the field.

Sports Village

Dubai Sports City embodies the passion of sport. Abdul Rahim Al Zarooni and Abdulrahman Falaknaz, the two forward-thinking partners behind the project, are pillars of the UAE business community with widespread interests and decades of experience across a wide range of commercial sectors, including real estate, construction, retail, and sports management. Their experience, coupled with a carefully chosen mix of residential, retail, land recreational facilities in this community creates a destination that is more than the sum of its parts.


Developers driven by a passion and vision

Abdul Rahim Al Zarooni and Abdulrahman Falaknaz are two leading entrepreneurs from the UAE who have brought the vision of Dubai Sports City to life. Their passion for sports fuels their dedication to the growth of Dubai Sports City and inspires the lifestyle they want to share with its residents. As pillars of the Dubai business community for decades, they are now emboldened by the steady progress of Dubai Sports City.

Abdul Rahim Al Zarooni

Mr. Abdul Rahim Al Zarooni is the Chairman of the Board of Dubai Sports City and the Al Zarooni Group of Companies. Mr. Al Zarooni is one of the few businessmen to initiate a diverse sector business holding within the Emirate of Dubai, having founded The Al Zarooni Group of Companies in the early sixties and diversified its portfolio across various disciplines of the Emirate’s business development ever since.

The Al Zarooni Group is also one of the largest construction companies within Dubai, and is also well known abroad for its golf course residential communities built in the United States. The group has received numerous “Best Community” awards. As Chairman and Partner of Dubai Sports City, Mr. Al Zarooni brings immense knowledge of realty and other topics related to the project.

Abdulrahman Falaknaz

Mr. Falaknaz is a Dubai Sports City Partner and President of the Falaknaz Group, which has diversified business interests ranging across Construction, Real Estate, Retail (including Mall ownership and Management), Sports and Sports-related trading, Exhibitions Management and Jewelry.

Mr. Falaknaz is as prominent a businessman as he is a pioneer of sports promotion in the UAE. This translates to passionate involvement at an Executive level in a number of sporting associations, including being Chairman of the Dubai Cricket Council, Vice-President of the UAE Tennis Association, Board Member of the UAE National Olympic Association, Director of Finance at the UAE National Olympic Association and Honorary Board Member of the UAE Fencing Association. Mr. Falaknaz has been dedicated to the development of sports amongst the younger generations of the UAE and has been the creative force behind the sports academies at Dubai Sports City.

Close to the action with room to grow

Dubai Sports City is located along the bourgeoning Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed road corridor, primed to take advantage of the increased focus on investment in the area and just minutes away from the expanding Al Maktoum International Airport and the site of Expo 2020.


A city built on a love of sport and an extensive knowledge of business

A message from the President of Dubai Sports City

Khalid, a graduate from the University of Nebraska, Omaha, has played a pivotal role in the creation of Dubai Sports City and has been instrumental in moving the project forward to its current stage. Vice Chairman of Emirates Cricket Board, Khalid is also actively associated with various companies, both as an owner and a senior executive.

Khalid brings with him extensive knowledge of the local and International market from a community development perspective and as a Director of Al Zarooni Group of Companies. The group was founded in the early sixties by Mr Abdulrahim Al Zarooni and has since diversified in size and stature across various disciplines of the Emirate’s business development. The Al Zarooni Group has been a pioneer in a number of businesses including real estate and construction, retail including mall ownership and management, industrial-related materials, manufacturing and general trading. In construction the group is one of the largest companies within the Emirate of Dubai and is also well known for its award winning golf course residential communities built in the United States.

Khalid Al Zarooni
President, Dubai Sports City

Management Team

Great Minds that Put to Shape Great Dreams

It takes a lot of people to bring the dream of a 50-million-square-foot development to life. With the vision of our two partners firmly in place, this is the management team working to transform those ideas into a prosperous community.

Vijay Sajjanhar

Chief Finance Officer

A qualified Chartered Accountant from India, Vijay has about 20 years experience across sectors such as manufacturing, telecommunication and real estate business. He is on the advisory committee of several firms.

Kevin Brennan

General Manager, Facilities Management

A hands-on qualified Engineer and Business Manager with over 10 years of facilities management experience at the GM level in the UAE. Kevin has another 10 years of experience at the board level in the UK, which includes a rail maintenance period of 5 years. He is also a qualified Aircraft Engineer with over 20 years in the aviation sector.

Rajeshree Iyer

Head of Marketing

A senior Marketing and PR professional, Rajashree has over 20 years of experience in brand strategy, communication and product launches and extensive media contacts. She has previously been involved in setting up sports cities in other countries and has previously held a senior position at Zee Television in Dubai. In her free time she conducts anti-stress management programs and is a yoga master.

Dubai Sports City has embraced the Dubai Government’s initiative to reduce carbon emissions and, as a first step, is in the process of replacing all its Master Community street lights (circa 1000 lamps) from the normal sodium lamp system to a solar powered LED system. The installation work is progressing very quickly and we expect to complete this project in the next 3 months.  

In addition we are currently evaluating proposals to put solar panels onto the roof tops of all buildings, with sufficient available surface area, to create solar farms. These include the Dome (Indoor football ground), other buildings at Academies and the Sewage Treatment Plant. Based on current responses from the industry, we are targeting to generate around 2.5 to 3 MW per year. This will significantly reduce the load on the Dubai grid and generate substantial savings over the long term for Dubai Sports City.

Sports Village

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