Providing a quality learning atmosphere for every child from toddlers to teens

Dubai Sports City currently has four schools and nurseries operating and has planned another seven to account for the total estimated population of the community. Bradenton Preparatory Academy offers Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary, Intermediate and Secondary education; Victory Heights Primary School offers Kindergarten and Primary education; and The Wonders Year offers Nursery education. Another nursery is currently in the design phase and a school offering Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary and Intermediate Education is under construction.

Bradenton Preparatory

Bradenton Preparatory Academy, currently DSC’s largest school, is a GEMS Global Network School modeled after the highly successful and sought after Dubai American Academy (DAA), the only American curriculum school in Dubai rated “outstanding” by the KHDA. At Bradenton, students benefit from the experience of our sister school, DAA, in providing outstanding college preparatory educational programs in the English language to students from around the world.

Bradenton Preparatory Academy:
Phone: +971 4 449 3600

Victory Heights Primary School’s goal is to establish an exceptional primary educational institution that strikes a between providing a nurturing and supportive environment that enables a child’s personality to fully develop while at the same time implementing and maintaining rigorously high standards in academics, athletics, the creative arts and technology. Victory Heights Primary School aims to inspire its students with a life-long love of learning and encourage them to strive for excellence, reject mediocrity and rise to every one of life’s challenges.

Victory Heights Primary School:
Phone: +971 4 423 1100

Victory Heights

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years Nursery aims to achieve a sensible balance between free play and structured learning by offering a wide range of supervised activities designed to develop language skills, promote independence and develop confidence. Wonder Years uses a curriculum based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage (“EYFS”) program and is underpinned by the UK Government’s Early Learning Goals and Birth to Five Matters but also aims to include best practices from other well-established Early Years methods. Further, the curriculum and activities are planned, delivered and evaluated to ensure that the children receive broad-based learning experiences to help them prepare for the transition from nursery to primary school.

The Wonder Years Nursery:
Phone: +971 4 368 5600

Located within the Victory Heights, IDEA Early Learning Center provides a nurturing environment for young children to explore, grow and learn within an innovative early-years setting. IDEA Early Learning Center caters for children from 1  to 6 years old and instil a love of learning through the highly regarded Creative Curriculum from the United States, which focusses on language and literacy development for infants, toddlers and Pre-K children.


The unique approach of Creative Curriculum includes:
•A strong literacy and reading focus
•An awareness that all children need to develop confidence through risk taking and creative play
•A learning environment that requires all children to inquire, collaborate and communicate with support

IDEA Early Learning Center:
Phone: 800 4332 352

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